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Repair processing plant


  With CCS and LR certificates on the Safety Management System for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health, and SLV Certificate on Steel Structure Welding, Production & Manufacturing and corporate qualification certificates, Haifa boasts years of experience in the repair and building of ships and ocean engineering, and the manufacturing of large-scale steel structures. In the corporate tenet of “repair each ship to contribute to the progress of the world shipping cause and the happiness of the humankind”, the core values of “Respect, Responsibility, Innovation, Sustainability”, Haifa, by carrying forward the fine tradition of “United Effort, Hard Work, Industry Leader”, is to develop into an industry leader with high efficiency and customer satisfaction, a good reputation and happy staff.


  Our staff, with professional training and rich experience, can rapidly develop different solutions according to different conditions. Haifa once provided cabin cleaning and washing service for Panama “Yuhuahai” and “Yuzhonghai” ships, and Hong Kong “Hengmao” and “Kangsheng” ships, with great popularity among customers.

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