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Garbage collection


In the principle of “integration of shipping service”, our company makes applications and receives ship garage collection tasks. The operators get a detailed understanding of the types and quantity of ship garage, poisonous and harmful substances and attentions on relevant treatment before operation. Meanwhile, our company enhances the awareness of safety and pollution prevention, improves the quality of operators and abides by industry standards. Our company truthfully fills in the Ship Pollutant Treatment Form and the ship owners sign after confirmation. Furthermore, our company assists with the ship treatment certificate in time. The ship garage will be transported to the treatment units approved by the environmental health departments for innocent treatment so as to avoid secondary pollution. A law-abiding and civilized image of garage collection has been built.


All of our subsidiaries have garbage trucks and garbage collection ships conforming to the regulations related to urban environmental hygiene. Meanwhile, the operators are familiar with laws and regulations related to pollution prevention, safety and urban environmental hygiene and work in strict accordance with operating instructions and can provide ship owners with efficient and standard service.

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