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Marine Oil Spill Response


Haifa is a fleet sludge disposal and recycling. With the approval of Tangshan Environmental Protection Agency, Tangshan Traffic Bureau Port and Shipping Management Branch, Haifa specializes in the recovery of vessel sludge, with 10-odd years of practical experience. With subsidiaries in China’s coastal ports including Caofeidian Port, Jingtang Port and Huanghua Port, and an office in Tianjin, Haifa can provide customers with integrated one-stop service.

Haifa has obtained ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates. All our subsidiaries boast “Port Operation Permit” and qualification certificates, professional sludge disposal ships like Haifa 666 and Haifa 668, buy all coastal insurances and oil pollution liability insurance for ships, provide regular maintenance and repair for ships, and conduct timely annual inspection and renewal of ship certificates so as to guarantee our ships are seaworthy at any time. Our ships are equipped with standard waste oil receiving and processing devices, different specifications of pumps, pressure connecting lines and parts, and standard discharge joints to meet different operation needs.

With 10-odd years of practical operation experience, our staff members are skilled in technology and standard in operation, thus offering a strong guarantee for high-quality service. Haifa also conducts regular drills on oil drills, fire control, emergency steering, foggy shipping, leakage prevention and life saving for staff so as to enhance their adaptability to changes through the professional training on safety and pollution prevention.

In strict accordance with the related national regulations and international conventions on ship pollution prevention, Haifa will be equipped with a variety of security equipment. Haifa will conduct real-time inspection and check, and keep smooth communication in the operation process. Without interfering with the operation of the port area and ship-owner, Haifa will recover waste oil and waste water in the fastest and safest way, and deal with the wastes in line with maritime laws and regulations so as to achieve reasonable discharge and transportation.


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