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COSCON Awarded as Green Gateway Partners

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On March 19, 2014, COSCON received the Port of Seattle’s Green Gateway Silver Partner Award, which recognized our environmental achievements at the port during the 2013 year.  COSCON has been a recipient of this award since its inception in 2011.

In order to be considered for recognition, carriers must present environmental stewardship efforts that exceed existing environmental regulations and industry standards.  Carriers must also participate in the At-Berth Clean Fuels Program to be considered.  This year, COSCON scored particularly high in the Air & Energy category for our use of low-sulfur fuels.

Port of Seattle’s CEO, Mr. Tay Yoshitani, stressed the importance of these Green Gateway partnerships, stating, “These awards show that maritime businesses are doing the right thing for the environment every day.  Their efforts have removed hundreds of tons of pollutants from Puget Sound air.”

COSCON’s recognition as a Green Gateway Partner further reinforces our commitment to being an environmentally friendly carrier and reducing our carbon footprint.